Where Does Ayat Real Estate Stand in the Ethiopian Real Estate Development Overview ?

Ayat S.C Real Estate Company was initiated in 1997 G.C and is one of the pioneering Ethiopian companies in this sector.

They have managed to complete numerous residential units, making them one of the most experienced in this sector.

Ayat S.C is indeed the largest construction company focused on residential and commercial buildings in Ethiopia.

They had some challenges at beginning when they were first building and selling the Ayat villa houses in the Ayat area, since they were buying building materials from outside source which also made it hard  to keep the quality control not only that it has affected the delivery time .

From its past experience Ayat had to come up with the solution and invested on buying and also building factories; doing that enabled them to deliver the right building materials according to specification and standard. In the mean time they were able to optimize cost, time and quality control. The building materials produced by Ayat are such as terrazzo tiles, concrete hollow blocks, marbles, prefabricated slabs, septic tanks, metal doors/windows, wooden doors/cabinets and more.

Today, the Ayat villas which once sold for about 375,000 ETB have hold great appreciative value which are now being sold by these owners about and above 20,000,000 ETB.

At the moment, one of their largest projects are in the Ayat and CMC area of Addis Ababa with numerous apartment buildings being built and sold.

Their prices are also considered relatively fair.


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